Help celebrate Public Schools Week by showing your pride

AFT President Randi Weingarten reminds us to take pride in our work by celebrating Public Schools Week, which runs from March 12-16:

Public schools in America are foundational to our democracy, and to our economy. Public schools in America are the only institution that promises to help all children—regardless of who they are or where they’re from—realize their dreams and aspirations.

Yet Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos and their anti-public education allies like the Koch brothers (who have promised to spend $400 million this election cycle to destroy public education and teachers unions) are doing everything they can to defund and privatize our public schools.

So next week, we are fighting back in a different way—letting people know about our students and their amazing accomplishments, and shining the spotlight on America’s educators and the awe-inspiring work in their classrooms. We will also be calling for what is needed to create an environment of joy in teaching and learning, rather than a fixation on testing and paperwork in our classrooms and schools.

Every day, we show our communities that we are Public School Proud, and it’s time to take that message all the way to the U.S. Capitol. The week of March 12-16 is Public Schools Week. It is an occasion to celebrate the diversity and success of our public schools in America.

Will you join us and urge your members of Congress to pledge their support for public education?

We believe that great public schools focus on four key pillars: children’s well-being, powerful learning, building teacher and staff capacity, and fostering cultures of collaboration. With those in place, every neighborhood public school can be one where parents want to send their kids, where kids want to learn, and where teachers want to teach.

Click here to email your U.S. representative and senators and ask them to participate in Public Schools Week by featuring the great things happening in your classroom and school.

And please post on social media using #PublicSchoolProud and #PublicSchoolsWeek to share how your school community is doing a great job educating students and preparing them to thrive.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President