The Neglected Issue of Equity in American Education

Equal opportunity for some of America’s children is just a fairy tale, says the Spring 2011 American Educator, AFT’s professional journal. The whole issue is devoted to answering how America, the land of opportunity, should define educational equity.

Here’s the introduction to a half-dozen articles exploring this theme (and we hope this introduction will tempt you to follow this link to learn more–

“After four decades of rapidly increasing inequality throughout our society, we are at risk: At risk of believing that enormous disparities in income are natural, inevitable, and good. At risk of becoming blind to inequities—like child homelessness and hunger—that we should find appalling. At risk of denying the fact that when children do not have access to clean, safe schools with a rigorous, common curriculum and well-qualified teachers, they do not live in a land of opportunity. At risk of losing our prized position as, in Lincoln’s words, ‘the last best hope of earth.’ Americans believe in equal opportunity and social mobility. This American Educator is a call to action.”