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June 19, 2022: Survey–77% oppose arming teachers; House committee hearing on TRS COLA; Take the KXAN safety/gun survey

Our survey shows school employees overwhelmingly (77%) do not want to be armed   Educators instead support legislation on gun access Our survey of Texas school employees released Wednesday shows that 77% of respondents do not want to be armed to confront a shooter in their schools. The Texas AFT survey of 5,100 Texas K-12 school employees, higher-ed employees, parents,...

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Gov. Abbott with a microphone. A sign in the background outlines his parental rights platform.

With private school voucher push, governor heads in the wrong direction for retaining teachers While our Lost Decade report outlined how increases in per-pupil funding are the key to teacher recruitment and retention with higher wages, Gov. Greg Abbott’s response to the crisis is to wage a campaign to take...

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