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Webinar on returning to school campuses: Know your options and rights!

We know there is a lot to consider going into the new school year with the pandemic, and Texas AFT wants to arm you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family. Please join us for a free Zoom webinar on educator options for those considering not returning to the classroom or those needing...

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Amendment to Tap Rainy Day Fund for Schools Survives Counterattack

An attempt was made Friday to strip from SB 2 Rep. Donna Howard’s amendment earmarking any increases in the Rainy Day Fund to cover the $2.2 billion cost of school enrollment growth. The last-minute attempt by Rep. Phil King, Republican of Weatherford, was blocked by a bipartisan coalition of all...

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Bills Attacking Teachers’ Contracts Postponed

The expected attack on educators’ contract rights fizzled out Friday afternoon, as one bill had to go back to committee to correct procedural errors and action on two others was postponed. The House can take these bills up when it meets again next Tuesday. The next Hotline will report further...

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