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Act now to help pass crucial aid to Texas in the HEROES Act!

Send your letter now asking your senators to support the HEROES Act, which will provide crucial funding for our K-12 and higher ed schools, and other state and local services. What the HEROES Act will provide Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell warned that the U.S. economy "could become stuck in a painful multiyear recession if Congress and the White...

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Texas Senate Majority Makes History—of the Worst Kind

A partisan majority of the Texas Senate took advantage of a seldom-used procedural device to pass the Senate’s budget plan today. The 19-member Republican majority, opposed by a solid bloc of all 12 Senate Democrats, first dumped a part of the bill that would have tapped the Rainy Day Fund...

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Anti-Bullying Bill Passes Texas House

HB 1942 by Rep. Diane Patrick, Republican of Arlington, would require school districts to develop stronger anti-bullying policies, addressing bullying through electronic media as well as the more traditional kind. The bill, passed by the House yesterday, also marks a departure from current law on the issue of student transfers...

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Bad-Bill Watch: HB 400 (“Mandate Relief”)

HB 400, the bill to gut class-size caps, cut teachers’ pay, and tamper with teachers’ contract protections, has yet to return to the House calendar after a failed effort to pass it last week. We encourage you to keep those calls and letters coming to block this bill, which would...

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School-Finance Bill to Enforce Budget Cuts Waits in the Wings

Senate Democrats can still maintain some leverage over the budget, even if HB 1 passes tomorrow, because they can withhold their votes from SB 22, a school-finance bill that is essential to make the budget numbers add up--and that would still be subject to the two-thirds rule. Without SB 22,...

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Budget Skirmishes: SB 1811 Marshals $4 Billion for 2012-2013 Budget

The Texas Senate on Friday passed a key bill marshaling more than $4 billion needed to fund the Senate’s proposed budget. But SB 1811 by Sen. Robert Duncan, Republican of Lubbock, did not pass without some struggle. One amendment by Republican Sen. Troy Fraser of Horseshoe Bay would have knocked...

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