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Survey Says: Educators Opposed to Governor’s Voucher Ambitions

Texas has become awash in dark money seeking to influence public education over the past several years. This dark money represents political and business agendas working to undermine our public schools and degrade the quality of public education in Texas and to advance privatization and vouchers. 

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Legislative Update: redistricting, transgender sports bill, TRS healthcare funding

Ghosted image of protestors, one holding sign with text "trans rights are human rights" on blue background. Gold text below: Stand up against bullying, especially from the Texas Legislature

Before Tuesday when the Legislature’s third special session is required to end, the GOP leadership is hoping to push through bills that would discriminate against transgender student athletes, appropriate $16 billion in federal stimulus funds, and redistrict the state’s House, Senate, congressional, and State Board of Education maps. Gov. Greg...

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SBOE redistricting: unfairly taking away representation for people of color

Sergio Lira stands in dark suit and red tie testifying at a podium

Watch Sergio Lira—Houston Federation of Teachers member, former teacher, principal, and Houston ISD trustee— tell legislators that proposed SBOE maps will unfairly take electoral power from people of color. The Texas Legislature may take power away from communities of color for the next decade when the House is expected to...

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