Bills empowering state takeover of districts also removes TEA investigatory powers over charters

Bad bills giving more authority to the commissioner of education to take over local school districts also include language that would remove the ability of TEA to investigate charter schools. Currently, TEA can investigate and take action against school districts and charters for a wide variety of issues, including civil rights violations, financial mismanagement, and violations of state law. Language in SB 1365 and HB 3270 would remove that investigatory oversight of charters. 

In 2019, TEA tried to take over Houston ISD, but its efforts were stopped by the courts. These bills would circumvent our local judges and courts and put much of the power for state takeovers in the hands of Education Commissioner Mike Morath. The addition of the language on charter schools make these bills even more egregious. SB 1365 could be heard on the Senate floor soon, so act now to send your state senator an online letter opposing the bill!