Brownsville Educators Stand Together (BEST AFT) members continue to build power and win on important issues that reshape school policy, improve working conditions, give school employees a real voice in the decision-making process, and stand up against attacks on our public schools. It is our time to thrive by becoming an official chartered local union of the Texas AFT, AFT, and AFL-CIO.

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FAQs on BEST AFT’s Campaign

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We’re stronger together

BEST AFT in Action

Employee Pay Raises

BEST AFT members are the leading advocates for better pay every year for BISD employees. In 2016, we won the return of a step to the BISD pay scale, resulting in a $727 pay raise for all certified employees. In 2019, we won an increase to special education diagnostician stipends. In 2020, we won a $2,000 raise for all certified employees. And in 2022, we won a $4,000 raise for certified employees and a minimum wage of $15 an hour for classified employees.

Safer Working Conditions

Educators, staff, and students deserve public schools that help them thrive. Thriving schools means safe schools. Our union presented the only comprehensive “Safe Return to Schools” plan to administration at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing BISD employees to the district’s decision-making table on safety issues. That work helped us win several key safety measures, including distanced learning, mandatory masking, and personal protective equipment for staff.

Helping Students Thrive

Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions. BEST AFT members work hard to improve both, voicing concerns and taking action in several ways. In 2019, we gave away 40,000 new books to BISD students as part of our union’s partnership with First Book. In 2020, our advocacy won reduced special education student-to-teacher ratios. In 2023, we spoke up and, in doing so, won a guaranteed 15-minute recess every day for BISD elementary students.

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