Our Issues at the Legislature

Text says "Respect Us Expect Us."

Our work in the 88th Legislature is to do what we do best — educate — on the issues that matter most to our public school employees and students.

Polls show that Texans overwhelmingly support raising teacher pay, and public school parents nationwide are incredibly concerned about underfunded and unsafe schools, staffing shortages, and their child’s ability to get individualized attention.

Meanwhile, our state’s conversation has shifted, with more full-throated support for respect in retired educators’ paychecks and putting public money where it ought to go: our neighborhood schools.

It’s clear that our union’s Respect Agenda for the Texas Legislature — with calls for teacher and staff pay raises, closing class size loopholes, increasing state funding for schools, and giving retirees a permanent COLA — is a unifying agenda.

Get the Respect Agenda

Our legislative agenda is always online at respect.texasaft.org, but you can also have it on hand any time by downloading a copy.

The Basics of Public Education Issues

We’ve gathered need-to-know information on the issues our members told us matter most on our website, and we’re sharing this information with legislators too. Learn more about any of these topics here:

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