Contract Abandonment

DOs and DON’Ts when leaving the school district mid-contract

If you are thinking about leaving your teaching position after the penalty-free resignation date, there are important things you should consider to avoid the mandatory one-year suspension imposed by TEA’s State Board for Educator Certification for “contract abandonment.”

DO get help from your union representative before you resign.

DO always try to negotiate with your district to see if the board will accept your resignation.

DO try to use one of the permissible “good cause” reasons to resign mid-year.  These are:

  • A serious illness or health condition of the educator or close family member;
  • Relocation to a new city as a result of change in employer of the educator’s spouse or partner; or
  • A significant change in the educator’s family needs that requires the educator to relocate or to devote more time than allowed by current employment.

DO provide documentation of any illness, injury, relocation or change in family needs before you resign and try to secure the board’s consent to the resignation.

If you really must break your contract, DO

  • Give as much notice as possible
  • Try to find the district a replacement
  • Help train your replacement if possible
  • Leave lesson plans for your replacement

    take your Principal’s word for it that you can resign. Only the board can release you from your contract. You need to work with your HR Department, not just your campus administrator.