Enforcement: Filing Grievances

Informal Attempt to Resolve the Issue

Employees shall meet for an informal conference to try to resolve the issue. Keep in mind, informal resolutions are not required to be in writing and your typical rebuttal and grievance timelines are in full effect while trying to solve them informally.

We suggest to first:
Contact your local union or Texas AFT for assistance and guidance, document your informal complaint with your immediate supervisor, and request an informal conference to discuss.

If you do not receive the resolution you had requested during informal discussions, then pursue the grievance procedure.

Then check local policy on formal grievances!

Policy clearly states that neither the Board nor the District may retaliate against an employee for filing a complaint.

  • Grievances and appeals must be filed with the appropriate administrator or the Human Resources Department. Please be sure to use the proper complaint form. No new documents may be presented after the level one conference.
  • “Days” are defined as business/work days.
  • Typically, all grievances must be filed within 15 business days. All appeals must be filed within 10 business days. However, check your board policy for timelines.

Grievance Levels:

LEVEL 1: Filed within 15 days using the level one form provided by the district. All documentation must be presented at this meeting.

LEVEL 2: If grievant is not satisfied with the response, appeal must be filed within 10 business days with the appropriate administrator, superintendent or designee.

LEVEL 3: If not satisfied, file an appeal with the Board of Trustees within 10 business days. A presentation to the board will take place. The board has the right to appoint a hearing officer. They must respond by the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

*Again, verify these timelines with your local policy and call the union office for assistance.